Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cool Easy Things to Draw with One White Sheet of Paper

If you can write your name, I can show you some cool easy things to draw.  This online drawing class will help unlock the creative genius that is hidden inside you.  Don't listen to all of those who say that you either are artistic or you are not artistic.  You are artistic and you can be great at drawing.  It is my goal to prove that to all of my students.

In this online drawing course, I will show you tricks to fool the viewers mind into seeing things that are not there.  A great example of this is the drawing below.  This cool easy thing to draw takes only minutes, but what do you see?  Chances are that you see something that isn't really there.  Did you visualize tall pointy ears?  Why?  It doesn't have tall pointy ears, in fact, this creature doesn't have any ears at all.  Notice how your mind fills in a picture.  This is a trick involves using the edge of your paper as an optical illusion to fool the viewer.  It is one of the many tricks that most beginning artists don't use, but it is awesomely easy and super fun to draw this way.

All of the drawings on this page are super easy, in fact most of the drawings take less than a minute or two to finish.  They take a little longer to cooler, but when you have the drawing the way you like it.  Spend a little extra amount of time coloring it.  This blog is for a series of drawings that will turn into an amazingly cool and easy art project when you are finished.  It will blow you away, how easy it is to create an amazing drawing that takes people's breath away!  The best part is that this online drawing course will show you how to create amazing drawings with only a minute or two of effort each time you draw.  I have designed the online course using the years of classroom experience I have in helping students off all ages be more creative and to have more fun when learning how to draw.

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